Traditionally, at the end of March every year, the annual report concert of students of the Kyiv State Music Lyceum named after M.V. Lysenko in the Column Hall of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine. Usually, March concerts were timed to the birthday of the founder of Ukrainian music, after whom the lyceum is named, Mykola  Lysenko. But this year, in the conditions of prolonged military aggression towards Ukraine, the report concert is dedicated to the soldiers who protect our statehood, the right to our own language, culture, land and protect our talented children, who are forced to master performing skills in extremely difficult times of martial law. It is indicative that the children are eager to perform on stage even when there is a threat of rocket attacks, but fortunately the air raid signals did not interrupt the concert and the audience was able to enjoy the performances of the flower of the Ukrainian nation. The concert program was presented to the public by laureates of international competitions, choirs and chamber orchestra of the lyceum.

The honour of opening the concert with a performance fell to the Choir of Boys and Young Men led by the artistic director and conductor – Mariia Koval. They performed the works of Anna Havrylets and the luminaries of Ukrainian choral music – Mykola Lysenko and Mykola Leontovych. Later, the Lyceum Chamber Girls’ Choir took over the initiative, performing the works of our contemporaries – Oleksandr Rodin, Piotr Yanchak and Hanna Havrylets. Masterful preparation of the student choir with a program consisting of works by modern composers is the merit of the artistic director and conductor of the choir Yulia Puchko-Kolesnyk and the choirmaster – Vira Shemchuk. Majestic choral canvases have replaced the chamber performances of soloists – laureates of international and all-Ukrainian competitions, most of whom are students of the secondary classes of the lyceum. But despite their young age, our artists are already competing with experienced masters who conquer the stage of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine every day. We will hear their names more than once – Hanna Bodnaruk, Andrii Zahodiakin, Demian Shyian, Akim Kravchenko, Arsenii Katsaval and Vladyslav Sirash. These young performers popularize the works of Mykola Lysenko, Nestor Nyzhankivskyi, Yurii Shamo and other Ukrainian composers with their performances.

The high level of performance skills of the lyceum students is confirmed by the performance of works of world classics, which are familiar not only to professional musicians, but also to ordinary citizens. An example of such a brave performance was the performance of seventh-grade student Pavlo Ulianchenko, who performed Violin Concerto with Orchestra No. 1 “Spring” from Antonio Vivaldi’s “Seasons” cycle, accompanied by the Lyceum Chamber Orchestra. This performance charmed the listeners both with its virtuosity and the spring mood that was flying in the air on that March evening..

The final chord of the evening was Felix Mendelssohn’s Piano Concerto No. 1 (Part 1), performed by Savva Zolotariov, a fifth-grade student, and conducted by Honoured Artist of Ukraine Serhii Solonka. The concert written by the twenty-two-year-old composer successfully combines the classical form with the romantic challenges of the era of the first half of the 19th century. And we can overcome the challenges of modernity together by popularizing Ukrainian national art and supporting the defenders of Ukraine, thanks to whom such wonderful concerts can take place!


On March 12, 2023, a concert was held in the House of Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine with the participation of students of the Kyiv State Music Lyceum named after M.V. Lysenko, as well as the well-known singer Iryna Bespalova-Prymak. The program of the concert, called “Love Songs”, featured works by Robert Schumann, Claude Debussy and Edvard Grieg. Lyceum  teacher Myroslava Khrypun made an opening speech. 

The first number of the concert was Sonata for cello and piano op.36 by Edvard Grieg. This piece was written by the composer in 1882-1883 and dedicated to the composer’s elder brother, the talented cellist Ion Grieg. The artistic images of the sonata, related to Norwegian folklore and imbued with subtle lyricism, were masterfully embodied on stage by students of the KSML named after M.V. Lysenko Margaryta Martiuk (cello) and Mariia Kriukova (piano). Then the audience could enjoy the singing of Iryna Bespalova-Prymak accompanied by Mariia Kriukova, who performed the Four Songs of Claude Debussy and Robert Schumann’s vocal cycle based on Heinrich Heine’s poem “Poet’s Love”. This cycle, composed in the “year of songs” (1840), represents the pinnacle of the composer’s chamber and vocal creativity. The flowering of songwriting is associated with the events of his personal life, because he was finally able to combine fate with his beloved Clara Vick. It is significant that during 1840 Robert Schumann created almost 150 chamber and vocal works, most of which are permeated with the composer’s lyrical feelings.

Lycée Pupils to the Defenders of Ukraine

In memory of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, the students of the violin class of the leading teacher Olha Korinets and concertmasters of the KSML named after M.V. Lysenko prepared a theatrical concert, which took place in the small concert hall of the lyceum.

In the concert, students of Olha Korinets (from the 1st to the 11th forms) performed the works of famous Ukrainian composers of the 18th – 21st centuries: M. Lysenko, M. Berezovskyi, V. Stetsenko, S. Liudkevych, R. Glier, V. Barvinskyi, N. Nyzhankivskyi, M. Skoryk, L. Shukailo, I. Levytskyi, S. Liukaniuk, V. Kravchuk, O. Honobolin, V. Homoliaka, M. Koliada and I. Loboda.

With the help of Olha Korinets, the students selected poems by Ukrainian poets in accordance with the content of musical works: T. Shevchenko, I. Franko, L. Ukrainka, L. Kostenko, V. Symonenko, P. Tychyna, S. Rudanskyi, V. Chumak, T. Osmachko, R. Korinets and I. Kalynychenko. Bright performance of musical works at a high professional level, illustrated by Ukrainian poetry, touched the hearts of the audience and made those present proud of the younger generation and of Ukraine.

Student performers of the concert: Anna Fedchenko (1st form); Diana Markovieieva (3rd form); Ivanna Filatova (3rd form); Bohdana Filatova (4th form); Ivan Ulianchenko (4th form); Yelyzaveta Hordii (5th form);Hlib Potipaka  (6th form); Pavlo Ulianchenko (7th form);Yaroslav Hradovyi  (10th form); Daryna Voliarchuk (11th form); Concertmasters: Valeriia Potapenko, Daria Kryvushyna.


In november 2022, the second all-ukrainian dmytro zahretskyi choral conducting competition was held in odesa. The jury consisted of prominent teachers and musicians from all over ukraine. Among them: nina zabolotna, oleksandr tarasenko, valeriy regrut, serhii savenko, yevheniia bondar, yuliia puchko-kolesnyk, halyna shpak, hanna saveliieva, tetiana mesropova, valentyna hordei and oleksandr oliinyk. The renowned jury was headed by denys chausov, conductor of the maria biesiu national opera and ballet theater in chisinau. 

Pupils of the eleventh grade of the KSML named after M.V. Lysenko Dmytro Doroshenko and Olha Purchenoshvili represented the Lyceum worthily at this creative competition and became laureates of the 1st degree. They were prepared for the competition by the teacher of the choral conducting department – Olha Hryhorivna Pryvalova. The jury highly appreciated her pedagogical professionalism in high-quality training of students and noted her contribution to the popularization of national choral art.

We congratulate our winners and their teacher and wish them inspiration for new creative achievements!


December 19, 2022, the department of choral conducting of the KSML named after M.V. Lysenko presented a concert for Saint Nicholas Day. The audience was presented with a programme that included the works of Ukrainian composers, Ukrainian folk songs and carols performed by the creative teams of the department, namely: the Boys’ Choir of primary grades (artistic director and conductor – Iryna Tykhonova, accompanist – Tetiana Petryk) and the Boys’ and Young Men’s Choir (artistic director and conductor – Mariia Koval, accompanist – Svitlana Matviienko). Despite all the difficulties of today, our young artists and all those present were able to heal their souls with musical art and immerse themselves in the magic of Christmas traditions!


It is not the first time that the Choir of boys and youths of the KSML named after M.V. Lysenko participates in musical projects at professional venues in Kyiv together with experienced singers and actors.

On November 24-27, 2022, the National Operetta of Ukraine hosted the premiere productions of the musical and visual performance “The Ball” with the participation of singers of the Boys and Youths Choir of the KSML named after M.V. Lysenko. Two students – Sviatoslav Klopynskyi and Ivan Koval (teachers – Alla Rodina, Maria Koval, Natalia Behma) took part in this project.

“The Ball” is a Ukrainian-Italian production, the preparation for which lasted nine long months of war, and despite all the difficulties, the audience was able to enjoy this premiere of the National Operetta of Ukraine.

For a long time, the fate of this performance was uncertain, because its premiere was scheduled for February 25, 2022 and, for obvious reasons, did not take place. Unfortunately, the full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine caused painful losses to the team, because the ballet dancer Vadym Khlupiantsev, involved in this performance, died defending Ukraine. The theater team dedicated the first premiere performance to its hero – Vadym, proving to everyone the unity and indomitability of the Ukrainian spirit.

This colorful, emotionally rich and energetic performance was also attended by the Ambassador of Italy to Ukraine, Pier Francesco Zazo, because this project was implemented with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute in Kyiv and the Italian Embassy in Ukraine.

This colorful, emotionally rich and energetic performance was also attended by the Ambassador of Italy to Ukraine, Pier Francesco Zazo, because this project was implemented with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute in Kyiv and the Italian Embassy in Ukraine.

Our Children are the Future of Ukraine

«A talented person is
talented in everything»
(Leon Feuchtwanger)

This epigraph of the German writer could fully describe many students of the KSML named after M.V. Lysenko, but today we will talk about the 10th grade student – Oleksandra Prylypko. We usually publish articles about the victories of our students at international music competitions, and today, contrary to tradition, we will introduce you to Oleksandra’s artistic works. They are demonstrated in this publication. Despite the fact that Sasha studies in the class of percussion instruments and is a participant in many music festivals, competitions and concerts, both in Ukraine and abroad, in parallel with her musical education, she also mastered artistic skills from the age of five. According to the student, she likes painting landscapes and architecture in watercolor the most. But as one can see from the presented works, Oleksandra is no less skilled in the portrait genre. We do not know for sure what path this talented student will choose for herself in the future, but it is absolutely clear that she will glorify and popularize Ukrainian art, culture and traditions, thereby paving the way for the prosperity of an independent Ukraine!

The first victory of a Ukrainian musician at the Louis Spore International Violin Competition.

From October 26 to November 4, 2022, the 10th Louis Spohr International Competition for Young Violinists was held in Germany. This jubilee competition became a landmark for Ukraine, because for the first time in the history of the competition, a young Ukrainian female – Margarita Pochebut, who studies at the KSML named after M.V. Lysenko. The Louis Spohr Competition was founded at the Franz Liszt Weimar University of Music in 1995 and is one of the most prestigious competitions for talented violinists under the age of 21. The international jury selects the best violinists in three qualifying rounds and three age categories. The total prize fund of the competition is 16,000 euros. In addition, the regulations of the competition provide for special prizes and awards, as well as solo concerts of the participants and performances accompanied by an orchestra. This year, 113 participants from Europe, America, Asia and even Australia took part in the competition. Margarita Pochebut was among them. She won Second Prize in the first age category! We sincerely congratulate the contestant and wish her further creative achievements. Thanks to such talented students, the glory of Ukraine is multiplied throughout the world!


The other day in the walls of the Kyiv State Music Lyceum named after M.V. Lysenko held a festive concert dedicated to Teacher’s Day. Students of Alla Rodina and Maria Koval, teachers of the conducting and choral department, took part in the concert. Among the performers were: Anhelina Danshina, Bohodar Struts, Hordii Moskalenko, Olha Koval, Anna Makchuk, Ivan Koval, Ivan Boiko and Raisa Rodina. Young artists performed the works of modern Ukrainian composer Inna Frantsyskevych, mesmerizing the audience with their magical voices.

Happy Knowledge Day!

Today is September 1 – the Day of Knowledge. This is the most unusual September 1 in the 31 years of independent Ukraine. For the music lyceum named after M.V. Lysenko, this will be a difficult school year, because our little, and not so little, musicians need live communication with their mentors. And the realization of this need is our main priority. On this special day, we would like to congratulate the entire teaching staff, students and their parents on the beginning of the new academic year! We believe that the high national spirit of unity, patriotism and devotion to Ukraine will lead us to a joint victory, and will open up new opportunities for our children to realize their talents and abilities in the artistic field of a free, safe Ukraine.

As a musical greeting, we offer to listen to the “Prayer for Ukraine” performed by the Choir of Boys and Young Men of the KSML named after M.V. Lysenko, artistic director and conductor – Maria Koval. This virtual project was created during the war and once again proves the high professionalism of the teaching staff of the Lyceum and their ability to conduct highly effective lessons even in extremely difficult conditions. 

Glory to Ukraine!