Lycée Pupils to the Defenders of Ukraine

In memory of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, the students of the violin class of the leading teacher Olha Korinets and concertmasters of the KSML named after M.V. Lysenko prepared a theatrical concert, which took place in the small concert hall of the lyceum.

In the concert, students of Olha Korinets (from the 1st to the 11th forms) performed the works of famous Ukrainian composers of the 18th – 21st centuries: M. Lysenko, M. Berezovskyi, V. Stetsenko, S. Liudkevych, R. Glier, V. Barvinskyi, N. Nyzhankivskyi, M. Skoryk, L. Shukailo, I. Levytskyi, S. Liukaniuk, V. Kravchuk, O. Honobolin, V. Homoliaka, M. Koliada and I. Loboda.

With the help of Olha Korinets, the students selected poems by Ukrainian poets in accordance with the content of musical works: T. Shevchenko, I. Franko, L. Ukrainka, L. Kostenko, V. Symonenko, P. Tychyna, S. Rudanskyi, V. Chumak, T. Osmachko, R. Korinets and I. Kalynychenko. Bright performance of musical works at a high professional level, illustrated by Ukrainian poetry, touched the hearts of the audience and made those present proud of the younger generation and of Ukraine.

Student performers of the concert: Anna Fedchenko (1st form); Diana Markovieieva (3rd form); Ivanna Filatova (3rd form); Bohdana Filatova (4th form); Ivan Ulianchenko (4th form); Yelyzaveta Hordii (5th form);Hlib Potipaka  (6th form); Pavlo Ulianchenko (7th form);Yaroslav Hradovyi  (10th form); Daryna Voliarchuk (11th form); Concertmasters: Valeriia Potapenko, Daria Kryvushyna.