Our Children are the Future of Ukraine

«A talented person is
talented in everything»
(Leon Feuchtwanger)

This epigraph of the German writer could fully describe many students of the KSML named after M.V. Lysenko, but today we will talk about the 10th grade student – Oleksandra Prylypko. We usually publish articles about the victories of our students at international music competitions, and today, contrary to tradition, we will introduce you to Oleksandra’s artistic works. They are demonstrated in this publication. Despite the fact that Sasha studies in the class of percussion instruments and is a participant in many music festivals, competitions and concerts, both in Ukraine and abroad, in parallel with her musical education, she also mastered artistic skills from the age of five. According to the student, she likes painting landscapes and architecture in watercolor the most. But as one can see from the presented works, Oleksandra is no less skilled in the portrait genre. We do not know for sure what path this talented student will choose for herself in the future, but it is absolutely clear that she will glorify and popularize Ukrainian art, culture and traditions, thereby paving the way for the prosperity of an independent Ukraine!